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Introduction to Laser Optoacoustic Imaging System (LOIS-3D)


Summary: LOIS-3D

  • 3D full view of a mouse body and brain with the best on the market optical absorption contrast, dma~0.03/cm (~1pmole of ICG)

  • 3D Anatomical Imaging provides accurate image reconstruction with resolution <0.200 mm in focal area, <0.280 mm in ROI periphery

  1. Most accurate approach to quantitative imaging

  2. Rapid image acquisition (~40 sec) and reconstruction (~60 sec)       

  3. Spectroscopic capability by scanning through multiple wavelengths or rapid cycling of 2 or 3 wavelengths for differential imaging

  • Functional Imaging 3D

  1. Measurement of total hemoglobin [tHb] and blood oxygenation  [SO2] in tissues and blood vessels, assessment of blood flow.

  2. Assessment of tumor angiogenesis, angiography, detection and characterization of stroke and traumatic injury of the brain

  • Molecular Imaging 3D

  1. Distribution of cellular receptors with targeted nanoparticle agents

  2. Studies into kinetic and dynamic distribution of contrast agents

  3. Monitoring reporter gene activity in live animals

Optoacoustic System Specifications

  • Contrast / sensitivity to variation in optical absorption: 0.03 [1/cm]

  • Spatial resolution: 0.15 - 250 mm

  • Time of 3D scan: 40 sec
  • Image volume (max): 30 x 30 x 30 mm

  • Post-processing with custom segmentation and measurements in segmented volumes

  • Mathematical imaging processing including: Sum, difference, multiplication, division to obtain functional and molecular images

  • 3D video output, 2D slices in XYZ coordinates

Specifications of LOIS-3D system imaging principle: Full View 3D OAT

  • 120 deg arc array of ultra-wideband 0.1 to 8 MHz transducers, 34560 or more virtual transducers on 65 mm diameter spherical surface = rigorous reconstruction

  • Minimal Time of Image acquisition: 36 sec min time of image acquisition + 42 sec image reconstruction 25x25x30mm

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