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Defying Age to Forge a Path in Health Tech: Dr. Wu’s Journey Through the World's Largest Pre-Seed Startup Accelerator

At an age when many might shy away from challenges, I decided to embark on an ambitious learning journey that culminated in an achievement worth cherishing. I recently graduated from the Founder Institute, known as the "World's Largest Pre-Seed Startup Accelerator." The institute's impressive credentials speak volumes: it operates in over 95 countries, has fostered over 6,500 startup companies, and is supported by a network of over 20,000 mentors. These startups collectively boast an estimated valuation of over $22 billion and have raised more than $1.75 billion annually.

The specific course I completed was the 2023 Health Tech program, which is now in its third professional edition. It was a highly competitive program, with 136 applications but only 25 acceptances. I am proud to say that our team was one of the seven that successfully graduated.

The graduation ceremony, held on January 10, 2024, was a momentous occasion. It took place in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I was there in person, representing Houston. The event was a grand celebration, shared with six other graduates from diverse cities like Boston, San Francisco, Miami, West Virginia, Toronto, and Dubai. Together, we popped champagne and celebrated our collective success.

But the journey doesn't end here. Learning is a continuous process, and I am looking forward to further enhancing my skills through Founder Lab, Concierge Alumni Support, and VC Lab. These platforms will not only aid in my personal growth but also contribute to the development of my ventures: SaniMed, focusing on medical device investment, and TomoWave, dedicated to the research and development of photoacoustic imaging.

This experience has been a testament to the fact that age is just a number when it comes to learning and pursuing one's dreams. I am excited for what the future holds and am ready to face new challenges with the knowledge and experience gained from the Founder Institute.


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